Boys and girls may wear either navy blue or khaki pants.  These may be purchased from Fischer Uniform, our uniform supplier. If purchased from another source they must be plain “Dickie” type pants that are not form fitting, do not flair at the bottom and have no stitching, cargo pockets or other decoration or details.  They must be navy blue or khaki and not any other shade.   A belt must be worn with all pants in grades 5-8.


For grades k-7 white, forest green or light yellow shirts may be worn.  Shirts may be either short or long-sleeved and are a polo-type material.  Eighth grade students may wear the red eighth grade shirt.  All colored shirts must be purchased from Fischer Uniform so that the colors are the same shade.  Shirts may not have any decoration, lace or logos on them.  Students may not wear colored undershirts for a layered look.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times except during PE.


Uniform sweatshirts may be worn in the colder months.  These are purchased through Fischer Uniform and carry the school logo.  No other sweatshirts may be worn.

Girls only:

K-4 girls may choose to wear our uniform jumper, 5-8 girls may choose to wear our uniform skirts.  Skirts and jumpers must not be shorter than the top of the knee when standing straight.  Jumpers and skirts are available only through Fischer Uniform.  Pants may not be worn under the uniform skirt or jumper during school hours, only to and from school if students are walking.  No pajama pants may be worn.  Shorts may be worn under the skirts or jumpers provided that they do not show.


Sweaters must be cardigans in style and white or any color found in the uniform (red, yellow, navy blue or forest green, solid colors only.) Sweaters need not be purchased through one of the uniform companies.

PE Shorts and Sweatpants:

Shorts:  All grades wear a navy blue mesh short with the school logo, available from Fischer Uniform. The PE  short  is also the optional uniform short from the beginning of school through October 15 and from April 15 through the end of the school year.  During this time shorts may be worn to Mass unless the child is a reader, in which case we ask that he/she wear long pants, the uniform skirt or the uniform jumper .

PE Shirts:  Students in grades 5th thru 8th may bring a solid color shirt to change into during PE as long as the shirt follows our free-dress guidelines.

Sweatpants: Students in grades K-8 have the option of wearing navy blue sweatpants for PE.  These are stamped with the school logo and are available through Fischer Uniform.  These are the only sweatpants that students may wear.  Kindergarten students may wear the sweatpants any day they wish as an optional uniform, the rest of the students may wear them on PE days only.  All students may chose to  wear them all day on PE days.

Shoes and Socks:

Socks must be worn with shoes.   Socks may be white red, yellow, navy blue or forest green in solid colors only.  In cold weather girls may wear tights in red, dark blue, green or white.  In cold weather leggings may also be worn, in dark blue or white only.

Shoes must be non-marking.  No boots, open-toes, backless or platform type shoes are allowed.  No slip-on shoes are allowed; shoes must be secured on the feet by tied shoelaces, Velcro or buckles.   Only athletic shoes may be worn for PE and these are preferred for all school hours.  Shoelaces must be securely tied at all times.

Jewelry, Make-up and Fingernails:

Jewelry:  Earrings must be studs only, no hoops or dangling earrings. Watches may be worn as long as they are not distracting. No other jewelry may be worn unless it is religious in nature.

No make-up is allowed, even on free dress days.   Nail polish must be clear or light pink only, no French tips. No artificial nails are allowed.  Students are never allowed to color nails with markers or paint.

Fines for students in grades 4-8:

Forgotten belts will be rented for $1.00.  Socks that are the appropriate length will be rented for  $1.00.  If shoes are improperly tied, we will tie them for $1.00.  Fines are to be paid the  following day and parents will be notified.

General Appearance:

We strongly discourage colored hair; unnatural colors will not be allowed. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. Hair should be clean and combed.  Hair may not fall into a student’s eyes.  If hair does fall in the student’s eyes he or she will be given a bobby pin to keep it out of the eyes during school time.  Body art, tattoos or other markings such as writing on arms, hands etc. will not be allowed.  Students are to have shirts tucked in at all times and to look clean and neat.  Clothes may not be ripped or have holes in them, even on free dress days.

Free Dress Guidelines:

All decisions about dress code compliance/noncompliance are made by the principal

Holy Trinity School promotes modest dress for all students at all times, in or out of uniform.  Students will be asked to call parents to bring a new outfit if inappropriate dress is worn to school. For all free dress days we ask students to follow these guidelines:

Clothing should not be too tight or see-through.  Midriffs may not show.  Students must be able to raise their arms above their heads without the midriff showing in order for clothing to be appropriate.

Underwear must not show and no cleavage should be visible.

Shorts, cut-offs and Capri’s may be worn only during those times when shorts are allowable as a uniform option and shorts must be loose and no shorter than three inches from the knee.  Skirts must follow the uniform guidelines for length (no shorter than the top of the knee when standing straight) and should not be too tight

Shirts must have sleeves (no spaghetti straps).

No sandals, flip-flops, high-heels, backless shoes or shoes inappropriate for a playground are to be worn.

No unacceptable words or pictures on clothing including alcohol or smoking pictures.

Pants must be worn at the waist and not below.

No make-up is allowed on free dress days.

Fingernail polish in special colors may be worn on special days when approved through the Parent Newsletter.

Students are not allowed to color nails with paint or markers.

Clothing may not have any rips, tears or holes.