Solar Eclipse Day

This is an exciting school year with our almost total solar eclipse here last Monday, August 21.  We  purchased eclipse glasses for grades 1-8 so that everyone could watch the gradual covering of the sun by the moon.  We  planned activities at various levels so that the children could fully participate and enjoy this amazing event.  Everyone journaled between going outside or watching the event in the cafeteria and the students are now rewriting and polishing their experiences for their portfolios.

The preschool children and the Kindergarten were able to view the eclipse on the internet in real time.  This was safer than having them possibly remove solar glasses while the eclipse was happening.

Some of our children went farther south so that they could view the eclipse when it was total, and all of them said it was an amazing experience as well.

One of the important ideas we stressed was the positive link between science and the Catholic Church.  All the older children viewed clips of  Vatican scientists and their explanation of how God links all of science into His perfect plan

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